Since the day I was born, I've had a friend, my twin sister. Growing up, she and I did everything together. While it’s fun to wear the same clothes and laugh at the same things, our decisions naturally became dependent on what we could do together. In the back of my mind I wondered what choices were truly mine. As we grew older, our varied interests became more defined. In my first painting class, I saw a reflection of myself through color, lines, and shapes. I value the importance of identity and I make this a vital part of my design practice. Through my illustrations and graphic design, I strive to ensure that no two solutions are ever the same. I try to discover and convey a unique voice in every project I pursue.

ArtCenter College of Design
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration
Graduated with Honors


Artcenter Teaching Assistant
05.2018 – 08.2022

Filmograph Intern
05.2021 – 09.2021

Midnight Sherpa
10.2022 – Current