Hello! I'm Grace Lee.
Motion & Visual Designer
I value the importance of identity and I make this a vital part of my design practice. Through my illustrations and graphic design, I try to discover and convey a unique voice in every project I pursue.
2023 Motion Reel
Nike Maxim Awards

Event Content

Nike Maxim Awards 2023 is part of JDI (Just Do It) Day, a company-wide award ceremony and social event. The day culminated in the company’s Global Maxims Awards Show, honoring the teams that moved its business, brands and purpose forward during the past year.


Brand Identity

Gify provides a platform for users to easily discover, create, and share animated GIFs to enhance digital communication and self-expression. we are using square pixel logo as the main element to present the imagery.

Cli Studio

Brand Identity

Cli Studio is an online class sharing platform that allows members to take classes from famous choreographers. My goal was to visually communicate the power of flow.

Ripple Swell

Conference Titles

Ripple is a cryptocurrency marketing itself as the next global decentralized financial solution. Ripple Swell is a community convention bringing together guest speakers to discuss tech and financial issues surrounding crypto currency.

Star Citizen Invicts 2953

Event Trailer

Annually the game Star Citizen hosts an in-game event called Invictus Launch Week promoting the United Empire of Earth's (UEE) Navy. The event serves as an in-game fictional military promotion while also showcasing the latest and greatest ships.

Gopro Brand Campaign

Cell Animation, Branding

GoPro Brand Campaign is geared towards extreme activities and sports. This animation pays specific attention to usage of wide angles and extreme perspectives in a world full of vibrant colors.


Homage , 3D Animation

The movie, Forgotten (2017) by director Jang Hang-jun confuses the audience into questioning what is real. This sequence uses symbolic objects and rotating camera movements to lead the audience from imagination to reality.

Black Swan

Title Sequence/ Style frames

This is a title sequence for the film, Black Swan (2010) by director Darren Aronofksy. This sequence shows the transition of perfection to darkness and violence.

Art of Tea

Style frames

This sequence is about fulfillment. A Character finds fulfillment from a moment of drinking tea.


Style frames

We live in an age of abundance, yet still feel empty. This narrative is a story of a boy's triumph over emptiness.