Style Frames

Role :
Concept, Storyboard, Design

Photoshop, C4D, Arnold, After Effects

Summer Ahn
We live in an age of abundance. Yet somehow our busy lives can still feel lacking and empty. In “Whole” the main character fills that emptiness by making himself necessary and important to others. I wanted to illustrate a story of a boy’s struggles with that emptiness.

There was a boy alone in the desert. He had a hole in his torso. Wherever he went he looked for something to fill this hole. He happened upon a spiky pyramid but it wouldn’t fit the hole in his torso. Disappointed he continued walking until he came upon a square. Full of expectations, the boy brought the square to the hole, which again did not fit. Depressed, he continued walking until he spotted something shining in the distance. He willed his tired body toward the shining object, which was so bright he couldn’t fully visualize it. He grabbed the object and to his amazement it fit his hole. It was a circle he had been searching for and it filled him with warmth. Then suddenly a loud pop! Night descended upon the desert and the dark sky filled with beautiful stars. The empty boy was filled with happiness and eventually he became one of the beautiful stars that brightened everyone’s night.