Cell Animation, Branding

Role :
Art Director, Editor, Storyboard Design

Tiffany Chen, Vicky Lin, Patricia Hu

After Effects, Photoshop, Premiere Pro
GoPro allows the world to be captured and shared in immersive and exciting ways. Everything GoPro does is geared towards helping their customers capture life as they live it and to share their experiences with the world. Our concept is geared towards for extreme activities and sports. It pays specific attention to usage of wide angles and extreme perspectives in a world full of vibrant colors to visually emphasize the excitement. 
We follow fast moving abstract shapes as they lead us to a landscape where all the action begins. With high energy camera moves that are designed to mimic first person persecutive, we follow numerous sports enthusiasts as they jump, ride, fly and glide through air, land and water. The stylized illustrations with enhanced texture gives GoPro a vibrant visual identity that speaks to youth, adrenaline and the dedicated athlete.
Mood board

This animation was done in cell animation. We used Procreate and Photoshop to sketch and paint. Then added texture in After Effect.