Short 2D Animation

Living through the pandemic has been difficult time for us. This project documents our daily lives with a sense of humor. We want to allow the audience to feel as if they are also being part of the history.

Collaborator: Summer Ahn, Wen Tsai
Title Sequence / Style frames

This is a title sequence for the film, Parasite (2010) by director Joon-ho Bong. Our concept focuses on their desire to rise to a height level and a glimpse of the wealth that they once had. The sequence takes us from poverty to wealth, using a staircase and dramatic lighting as a framing device to convey the two contrasting lifestyles.

Collaborator: Summer Ahn
Short Animation

I created a playful abstract 3D animation of three important aspects of my life: connection, balance, and flexibility. I convey these ideas through a combination of abstract shape, vibrant colors, and motion.
Style frames

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