Style Frames, Branding

Role :
Concept, Storyboard design, 3D, Compositing

Photoshop, Cinema 4D, Arnold

Collaborator: Vicky Lin

Ara Devejian
Spotify brings infinite imagination for the travelers of the night; those who are eager to enter the dream world and pick up their adventures from where they left off. Throughout our sequence, we follow our main character as she wakes up in the dream world. She confronts her fear and develops a special connection with the environment. She discovers that the environment isn’t what she initially thought it was and she’s able to experience the “new world”.

"Utilizing the power of music to empower oneself and overcome difficulty. "
Character Design
Mood board
Style Reference
This project is an experiment in style based design on Miyazaki films. Our goal was to challenge ourselves to merge 3d and 2d and create unified look.